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The Kids & Teens Star Awards, previously known as the Little Star Awards, recognise the courage of children diagnosed with cancer. Last year, more than 600 children were nominated to receive the special trophy and pack. Meet some of our past winners:


Meet Anne, who was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia or ALL in January 2004.


​Adam was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in August 2013, after a large tumour was growing in his chest and into the right atrium of his heart.

He faced many trips to hospital to undergo gruelling, intensive chemotherapy over the next 10 months but remained positive and courageous throughout. He finished treatment in summer 2014 and is in remission.


Kezia was diagnosed in February 2012 with a rare germ cell tumour. She underwent chemotherapy and three major operations and she has huge scars as a result of the surgery.

At the age of 12, she found it very hard to lose her hair but she still managed to smile through. She kept a wig on so people did not know she had cancer and she just wants to live life to the full now. She is still being monitored but she is back at school and loves hanging out with her friends, listening to music, dancing and baking.


Five-year-old Saksham has finished the intensive phase of his leukaemia treatment after being diagnosed in April 2014. He is now receiving maintenance treatment.

Dad Sanjeev said: "He really liked getting the award - he loves the star and used it to buy toys! And he has put the certificate on the wall to show everyone who visits too.


Luca was diagnosed with leukaemia in November 2009 and underwent three and a half years of chemotherapy treatment. He is now in remission. 

His dad Davide, 46, said "Luca coped brilliantly throughout his treatment. He went to school whenever he was well enough and carried on playing football which he loves.

"If it wasn't for research charities like Cancer Research UK I don't think he would be doing as well as he is. Our lives were completely changed by his diagnosis but we are slowly getting back to normal."

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