Sugar Free February

Sugar Free written in sugar


A huge thank you to all of our Sugar Free February champions, together you raised hundreds of thousands of pounds towards life-saving research. You have proven your iron will and commitment to help beating cancer sooner and we salute you.


The first steps are to sign up, set up your fundraising page and download your fundraising pack! What next?

A great way to attract donors is to personalise your fundraising page – boost your fundraising by adding photos, updates and the story of why you’ve given up sugar. Share on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email to get people’s attention, and keep them updated on your progress throughout the month. 

In case you need a rush of inspiration, we’ve even put together this handy list of fundraising ideas to inspire you. Use them or get creative and go for your own ideas – either way you’ll be helping us beat cancer sooner:

  • Encourage your mates to sign up and back up your efforts with their own month of abstention from the sweet stuff! Agreeing some forfeits in advance for the lowest fundraisers could spice things up.
  • What’s your company prepared to donate to their new happier, healthier employee? See if they’ll match the funds that you raise or make a donation. 
  • Film a video or vine of yourself to show how you’ve replaced the sweetness in your life, and share on your social networks.
  • There are loads of great ways to fundraise online. Upload our official Sugar Free Frebruary profile badge to Facebook, and email your networks for some instant results.

As well as the obvious things such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sweets and desserts, sugar is also added to a huge amount of unexpected grocery items. Fizzy drinks and juices contain plenty of the sweet stuff, and the amount in most of the nation’s favourite alcoholic drinks is surprisingly high too. Here are our top tips for a sugar free month:

  • Try to make your meals and snacks from scratch so that you know exactly what’s in them.
  • A quick look at the labels on food and drink packaging will let you know whether sugar has been added.
  • Try sticking to water, milk, tea and coffee (without sugar added) for drinks, and nuts, cheese, vegetables, and sugar-free rice cakes for snacks.


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Fundraising Tips

We’ve put together this handy guide packed full of ideas to get the pounds rolling in – use our ideas or come up with your own!

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Going Sugar Free Guide

We’ve prepared this handy guide to help you decide what to ditch from your diet.

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