Dufftown Mountain Bike Challenge

The British Legion Balvenie Street

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The Dufftown Mountain Bike Challenge is designed for the moderately fit and the super fit. The long ride is for the keen offroader.

The first section runs from Dufftown up the Cabrach Road to the entrance to the Glenfiddich Estate then over rough roads through the beautiful Middle Glen following the river Fiddich to the Suie where hot drinks and biscuits await. There is a good 2km downhill to this point. Then the rider follows the Livet through burns and undulations to Allan Reid Carpark. A few hundred yards on the Tombae Road leads to the first choice of route. Those who have a taste for more off-road challenges can cycle up the Cairn Mulldonich forestry road to the top end of Glen Rinnes back road - a fair challenge. Others may prefer to follow the tar road down to Glenrinnes back to Dufftown. Cyclists can follow the route that suits them best on the day simply by telling the marshals at the checkpoints which way they are going.

The ride can be anything from a mixed off road/tar road day out to a very challenging off road race and all stages in between. Those on hybrid bikes and adrenaline junkies on full suspension bikes will all find something to suit them.

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