On the night

Prepare to see London in a different light

Get ready for an amazing night in London. Here are some easy ways to make your Shine Night Walk an unforgettable experience.

What to bring

  • Your walking number, t-shirt and back sign, with your emergency details filled out on the back. If you haven’t received your pack within a month of signing up, please email shine@cancer.org.uk
  • Safety pins to attach them
  • Supportive walking shoes appropriate for long distances, that you’ve already trained in 
  • Breathable/waterproof clothing  layers are best as it can get cold overnight
  • Lights, bright colours, glow in the dark accessories and neon face paint to light up London – it’s your time to Shine! 
  • A bottle of water so you can stay hydrated. And plasters, just in case
  • A fully charged mobile phone – you can use it to let your friends know how you’re doing using #ShineWalk
  • Money – we will have lots of merchandise and refreshments for you to buy on the night

Don’t get stranded

Please aim to arrive at Southwark Park one hour before your start time. Make sure you plan in advance, especially as you'll be travelling at night. We've created this handy journey planner to get you on your way.

Volunteer at Shine Night Walk

Two happy volunteers

The success of the event is down to so many people, and without our amazing volunteers it simply wouldn’t be possible. If you fancy handing out medals, cheering people on, helping out at venues, or cycling the route to help out participants, then we have a role for you.

Photos on the night

Excited Shine Night Walkers

Our photography partner, SportCam, will be taking photos of you along the route and at the finish line. If you're snapped on the night, make sure you take a look at the SportCam website to find and buy your photos.

They will be available a couple of days after Shine Night Walk and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available for you to view and buy.

If you do not wish your photograph to be taken, please tell the photographer on the night.

How far is a marathon?

A full marathon is 26.2 miles or about 42 kilometres. That’s roughly the same as walking around a football pitch 121 times. It’s a challenge, but we know you can do it if you prepare in advance.

So how long will it take you?

Power walker -  Less than 9 hours

9 hours

Strider -  Less than 11 hours

11 hours

Stroller -  Less than 14 hours

14 hours

How far is a half marathon?

A half marathon is 13.1 miles or about 21 kilometres. That’s like walking almost 50 times around the circumference of the London Eye. 

So how long will it take you?

Power walker -  Less than 4.5 hours

4.5 hours

Strider -  Less than 5.5 hours

5.5 hours

Stroller -  Less than 7 hours

7 hours

Get your kit online. Look the part.