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31 days, 0 units. Well done and THANK YOU to our formidable force of Dryathletes who showed cancer who’s boss this January. You have proven your iron will and commitment to help beating cancer sooner and we salute you.


26,000 of you legends came together this January to join the fight to raise money to help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. That means less people in the future suffering or seeing loved ones suffer from this terrible disease. So please harness your fundraising prowess and ask your mates for those last donations, as they all count.


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The benefits of becoming a dryathlete

dryathlon benefits

Taking a month off booze can have many potential benefits and some Dryathletes even carry on past the month. Find out more about the benefits or get some tips on giving up longer term.

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Tell us how much you drink in a week by sliding the sliders below and we'll calculate how much you'll save by going dry for a month.

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What you’ll save in a full month by doing Dryathlon®:





£50 buys a scientific sieve to separate out big bits and small bits of DNA to reveal vital clues about how to beat cancer sooner.

Sign up today and help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured

£100 covers the cost of giving one patient the Cytosponge test and analysing their results in the lab to diagnose early stages of Oesophageal cancer.

Sign up now and we will beat cancer sooner.

£150 buys special chemicals to strain the intricate nuts and bolts of the cell, letting our researchers see under the bonnet of cancer cells to learn more about how they work.

Sign up now and help continue to carry out some of the most advanced research in the world.

Fundraising, made easy

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Flex your fundraising muscles with our tools and ideas guaranteed to help you smash your target.

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Will you find going sober terribly testing or trouble free? Take the Willpower test to find out

Why Daniel took on Dryathlon

Daniel dryathlon supporter

“It was a lot easier to give up alcohol than I thought. It didn’t stop me going out with my friends. I just stuck to soft drinks and by the end of the month I certainly felt a lot better and healthier.”


Help motivate fellow Dryathletes in years to come by sharing your experiences and reasons for taking part.

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