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Matt was a young, healthy, and active sportsman, and so the last thing he expected in the run up to Christmas 2014 was to be told he had cancer.

When Matt first noticed a difference in his right testicle, and although he wasn't in any pain he thought it could be a rugby-related injury.However, a few weeks later he went to see his GP and two hours later was having an ultra sound at the hospital. That same afternoon, Matt was diagnosed with testicular cancer

It's always a shock to be told you have cancer, but even more so when you are as young and as fit as Matt. He is captain of his rugby club and trains three times a week. "It was the last thing I was expecting and then it came really fast, just like a whirlwind."

Matt was forced to put his life, his career, and the sport he loves on hold while he underwent treatment. In the threeweeks before his operation, the tumour had already grown to over 2 inches. "If I hadn't gone that quickly, I might not be so lucky."

He had an operation to remove the tumour on December 12th and on January 9th he was told that it was a 99.9% chance he had beaten the disease.

Matt had tried Dryathlon before, but as a rugby player it was quite tough! However, in January of this year he completed it and raised an incredible amount for our life-saving research.

"It is good to give something back. You go through life trying not to think about these kind of things, but now I have faced it, it has hit home. Anything I can do to help awareness, research and fundraising I'm going to do now."

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