Dryathlete Chris

Chris's Story

Chris was only 21 when forced to put university life on hold to endure six months of chemotherapy after tests on a lump on his neck in April last year revealed he was fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells. He battled exhaustion, infections and lost his hair during treatment.

Chris recalls from his experience, “After a biopsy was done on the lump I was diagnosed with cancer. Telling family and friends who I care about so much that I had cancer was perhaps the most difficult thing I had to do.” 

"But the medical staff were absolutely fantastic all through my treatment. I met a lot of people of my age or even younger who were also going through cancer. We were all in it together and going through the same thing."

“Now I’m well again. I went back to the gym last December and can run two miles and lift substantial weights. Getting through cancer has been a marathon in itself but it’s taught me so much. I’ve seen there’s a lot of people out there to help.”

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