Give up alcohol this September and become a Dryathlete. After a summer of overindulgence, clear your head, feel fitter and save some money, all whilst raising money to help beat cancer sooner.


Register by 1st September to get your Dryathlete™ training pack full of posters, a wristband and beer mats. You'll also automatically get a JustGiving fundraising page.

By taking part in Dryathlon and raising valuable funds you’ll be bringing forward the day when all cancers are cured.

You can:

GO SOLO - If your mates will only slow you down, then go solo and take on Dryathlon alone at full booze-busting speed.

START A TEAM Form a team for your mates to join. They say there’s strength in numbers, so the more the merrier.
JOIN A TEAM – If one of your mates has already formed a group, you can join their elite-cancer fighting team here.

The benefits of becoming a dryathlete

Taking a month off booze can have many potential benefits. As well as raising funds that will help beat cancer sooner, just imagine what you could achieve in 30 glorious hangover-free days.

Fundraising, made easy

Flex your fundraising muscles with our tools and ideas guaranteed to help you smash your target.

Alcohol Calculator

Tell us how much you drink in a week by sliding the sliders below and we'll calculate how much you'll save by going dry for the month of September.

How much do you drink in a week?

What you’ll save in a full month by doing Dryathlon®:





£50 can buy enough glass slides for a scientist to examine 1,470 tumour samples through a microscope. Studying tumour samples in detail helps reveal new causes of cancer or new ways to treat it.

Sign up today and help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured

£100 can train a Cancer Research UK nurse to provide the best support to people with concerns about cancer in their time of need.

Sign up now and we will beat cancer sooner.

Just over £150 pays for a man to take part in a year of a study to help tackle the long term side effects of chemotherapy treatment for testicular cancer. In the future this could improve the quality of life for men who have had the disease.

Sign up now and help continue to carry out some of the most advanced research in the world.

willpower test

Will you find going sober terribly testing or trouble free? Take the Willpower test to find out

Why Matt took on Dryathlon

Matt was forced to put his life on hold after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. He took on Dryathlon in January and raised an incredible amount for our life-saving research. 

Already signed up?

Don't worry it's not too late to team up and take on Dryathlon! Start a team or jon a mate's one now.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be with you every step of the way from your driest hour to your lap of honour on 1st October.

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Help motivate fellow Dryathletes™ in years to come by sharing your experiences and reasons for taking part.


Know someone taking on Dryathlon? Search for them on JustGiving to donate to their fundraising page.

Need a night off?

Got a big event in September but still want to take part? Fear not. If you slip off the wagon just pay The Tipple Tax. Simply acknowledge your slight mishap and donate £20 to your JustGiving page.

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