Sponsor a PhD Researcher

You can sponsor the next generation of pioneering scientists

Find out below about this unique way to support Cancer Research UK and sign up to sponsor a student for a minimum of £25 a month, or donate £300 or more today to sponsor a student for a year.

Sponsor a student 

From the day-to-day running of experiments in the lab to igniting the spark of an idea, PhD students are a vital part of our life saving research. 

With your help, we can commit to training these future leaders in the field, who will make the discoveries that will save more lives.

If you have any questions, please call Hannah 0203 469 6521.

What you’ll receive:

  • An introduction to the student and their work
  • Updates on their research twice a year
  • Broader updates about Cancer Research UK’s progress and current breakthroughs
  • Summary of their research thesis at the end of their PhD
  • If you choose to continue once your student has finished their studies, we’ll allocate you a new one to sponsor

Meet some of the PhD students you could sponsor 

The past PhD students who have gone on to become some of today’s world-leading researchers

We have created this sponsorship programme for gifts of a minimum of £25 a month, £300 a year, or more. This is a significant contribution to a PhD Researcher's funding and allows us to maintain low operational costs for the programme.

By sponsoring a young PhD Researcher, you will be powering the pioneering research that leads to tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs, helping to beat cancer sooner.

Our past PhD students have gone on to become some of today’s world-leading cancer researchers. If we are going to accelerate progress and see 3 in 4 people surviving cancer by 2034 we need to keep funding the pioneers of the future. 

Your donations will go into a PhD Researcher fund, and is allocated to each student from there. They will fund the running expenses of research, such as lab equipment, rather than their salaries, which are managed separately.

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