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Win big with raffle

By playing Cancer Research UK’s Raffle, you’ll have the chance to win from over £19,000 worth of prizes. And with every £1 ticket sold supporting our life-saving work, you’ll be helping to prevent, control and cure all cancers. 



You could win £15,000 cash or a Peugeot 308  

Which top prize would you choose? With £15,000 you could book a luxury holiday, splash out on treats for your loved ones, or even use it to pay off your mortgage. Just imagine what an amazing difference this could make to your life. The good news is that we have a huge range of prizes for you to win including cash, Amazon Kindle e-readers and luxury hampers. 

Ticket information

Cancer Research UK holds three raffles per year. Our Christmas Raffle is now closed and the winners will be notified shortly.

Are you a winner?

Raffle terms and conditions

You must be 16 or over and live in Great Britain to play or claim a prize. For more information on our recent Summer Raffle and fast reply draw, see our full terms and conditions.

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