Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens is a campaign that raises money for research into cancers affecting children and young people.

We need your help to find new, better and kinder treatments. 


Every day around 11 young people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer*. But despite improving survival rates, cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in young people.

Why we need your support


*Annual average number of cases of all cancers (ICD-10 C00-C97, excluding C44) and all benign/uncertain or unknown behaviour brain, other central nervous system and intracranial tumours (ICD-10 codes: D32-D33, D35.2-D35.4, D42-D43 and D44.3-D44.5) in young people (aged 0-24) in the UK between 2012 and 2014. Northern Ireland data includes all of the above codes except D33.7, D33.9, D43.7 and D43.9

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