Help us build the Francis Crick Institute

We are building a brand new research facility at the heart of London, that will help us to beat cancer sooner.

The Francis Crick Institute is a visionary collaboration between six of the world's leading medical research organisations, including Cancer Research UK, and we are helping to create an exciting new centre of research in London's Kings Cross.

Cancer Research UK believes that, with the best facilities and the best scientific minds, we will learn more about what makes cancer start, spread and develop. The Francis Crick Institute scientists will help unravel the mysteries behind cancer and other diseases, ultimately improving the lives of patients across the world. This is Cancer Research UK's campaign to raise funds to complete the construction.

Help us finish our fundraising so that Crick scientists can move in and start working to find future cures from 2016. Be part of the Crick’s DNA by donating, fundraising or wearing a Crick band or pin

Together with the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Wellcome Trust, Imperial College London, King’s College London and UCL (University College London), we’re working to complete this incredible building in time for its opening next year.

Cancer Research UK is raising money to fund our contribution, and with your support, our vision can become a reality. Help us build the future cures for cancer by getting involved in the final year of fundraising for the Francis Crick Institute.

To find out more about the institute and its research, visit the Crick website.

Francis Crick is one of Britain’s greatest ever scientists, famous for co-discovering the DNA double-helix structure, earning him a Nobel Prize in 1962. In his lifetime, Crick was a brilliant collaborator, working with others to transform medical science.

Alongside James Watson and Maurice Wilkins, and helped by some key data from Rosalind Franklin, Crick discovered the building blocks of life, helping us to understand so much more about how our bodies work and why they sometimes go wrong.

What is DNA? 

Our body is made up of trillions of cells. Each one of these is packed with long, delicate strands of DNA which provides the hardwired operating instructions (or genes) for everything that cell will ever need to do. These delicate twists of information are very important. And only now are we learning the true impact of Crick’s work.

We are in the middle of a genetic revolution, and what better name for a visionary new institute than the name of the man who started that revolution.

How to get involved

London art trail


This summer saw 21 stunning DNA-inspired sculptures take to the streets of London, designed by leading Artists and brands. The sculptures have now been auctioned to raise money towards the completion of the Francis Crick Institute. 

Do your own fundraising

Woman laughing holding tea pot

There are lots of easy and fun way to raise money, so start your fundraising and help us complete the Crick for our brilliant scientists. Click the link below to set up a JustGiving page and get started.

Wear a Crick band or pin

Wear a Crick wristband or pin

Show your support for the Crick by wearing a bespoke wristband or pin and spread the word about this pioneering research hub. Each purchase will get us closer to completing the Crick.

Why we're excited about the Crick

At the Crick we will be embedded in an environment with scientists working in various disciplines. These interactions will boost ideas and the potential of everyone.

Dr Ilaria Malanchi, Crick scientist

I look forward to the unique multidisciplinary environment and collaborative culture in an iconic building in the heart of London.

Dr Nic Tapon, Crick scientist

The story behind the campaign

The Francis Crick Institute © HOK and Glowfrog Studios

We've been raising funds philanthropically for the construction of the Francis Crick Institute since 2012.