Donation Station

Set up a Donation Station and encourage friends, colleagues or your community to donate goods to us.

A Donation Station is a designated area of your choice where bags filled with quality items can be dropped off. You can set one up anywhere – from a small office to your local supermarket. We will then sell your items in one of our local shops.

 It’s so easy, simply:

  1. Order your Donation Station bags by calling us on 01403 210585 or emailing
  2. Download the materials that you will need to set up your Donation Station.
  3. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to have a good sort out, bag up their unwanted items and take them to your Donation Station drop off point.
  4. If you have over 20 bags, you can contact our Donated Stock Team on 01403 210585 and someone will come and collect them.

Donation Station materials

We've got everything you need to set up your donation station available to download below. However if you would like a printed version of our pack please call us on 01403 210585.

  • A step by step guide (PDF, 364KB) to running your Donation Station. Your step by step guide contains Donation Station posters, a totaliser poster, a drop off point poster and a Donation Station return form. 
  • Donation Station return form (PDF, 130KB) to record the number of bags you collect.
  • Posters (PDF, 637KB) to advertise your Donation Station, put them up everywhere.
  • A drop off point poster (PDF, 76KB) to mark your Donation Station.
  • A totaliser poster (PDF, 39KB) to show how well your Donation Station is doing.

Contact us

If you have any questions about your Donation Station, call our team on 01403 210585.

Donate goods

Donate your clothes, books, films and other household things and we'll turn them into funding for our research.

Donate to our shops

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