Fundraising Materials for Relay For Life Committees


Check out our suggestions below for items you might like to order for different activities.

Boost teams' fundraising

Did you know that only 50% of Relay For Life teams fundraise? Encourage their fundraising with these items.

  • Sweepstake game 
  • Fundraising tubes - collect 20ps in these branded tubes. Giving 5 to each participant in a team of 5 could raise an extra £250
  • Totaliser - one per team 


Materials to consider

  • Buckets or goblets - you'll need one per collector
  • Bucket seals or goblet seals - one per item plus a few spare
  • T-shirt - one per person
  • Stickers - roughly 10 rolls will be needed for a day of collecting

If you’re holding a collection in a public place, you’ll need to get a permit from the council. If it's on private property, you'll need permission from the landowner. Speak to your CRUK contact for more advice.

Promote your Relay

  • Survivor postcards to recruit survivors - give a pile of 20 to everyone on the Committee members 
  • Candle bags - give these out in exchange for a donation and engage with potential new supporters 
  • Relay For Life leaflets 

Selling items in return for donations e.g. cakes, clothes

Materials to consider

  • Balloons - Depends on how big the space is but generally between 10-30 
  • Plastic banner - You will need roughly one per table or a couple to stick up on a wall
  • Roll of stickers in return for donations - one or two rolls should be enough
  • Collection bucket or goblet - if you're holding a sale at work or somewhere public
  • Cardboard collection box - if you're holding a small sale at home