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Every raffle ticket sold supports our life-saving research to prevent, control and cure all types of cancer.

Christmas Raffle 2014 prizes

1st prize: £15,000 cash or a Ford Focus Zetec
2nd prize: £1,000 cash
3rd prize: £250 cash
4th prize: Amazon Kindle 6” e-reader (x10)
5th prize: Luxury hamper (x5)
6th prize: £25 John Lewis voucher (x10)

Closing date: 19th December 2014 
Draw date: 5th January 2015
Winners notified by: 12th January 2015

Terms and conditions 

See the full terms and conditions of our raffle


Christmas Raffle 2014 fast reply draw

People who get their reply to us by 20th October 2014 will also be entered into a draw to win one of 50 £20 M&S Gift Cards. 

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Send a postcard with your name, address and telephone number in a stamped addressed envelope to Cancer Research UK Prize Draw, Halifax Road, Bowerhill, Melksham, SN12 6YY by 20th October 2014. Only one entry per person. You must be 16 or over to enter the draw.

Closing date: 20th October 2014
Draw date: 5th January 2015
Winners notified by: 12th January 2015

Terms and conditions

Read the full terms and conditions of our fast reply draw


Cancer Research UK Summer Raffle 2014 Winners

Here are the lucky winners from our Summer raffle, with their winning ticket numbers:

1st Prize - £8000 or VW up!: Mrs Marsh from West Glamorgan - 2160470

2nd Prize - £750: Ms Llewellyn - 2145361

3rd Prize - £250: Mrs Haywood from Leicestershire - 2164052

4th Prize - Luxury Hamper (x5):

  • Miss Howlk from Worcestershire - 2134846
  • Mrs Buckland from Essex – 0186613
  • Mr Kitchen from West Yorkshire - 0876321
  • Ms Curzon – 2117557
  • Mrs Marr from Wigstownshire - 0030645

5th Prize - £25 John Lewis Voucher (x10):

  • Miss Cook from Yorkshire 1904171
  • Mrs Fidalgo from West Sussex 2133024
  • Mr Webb from Worcestershire 2134862
  • R J Senior from Warwickshire 2151231
  • Mr Allen from Mid Glamorgan 1648501
  • Mr Burnham from Nottinghamshire 1920812
  • Mr McLeod from Lanarkshire 2173705
  • Mrs Richardson from Merseyside 0765561
  • Ms McKenzie from South Yorkshire - 2138055
  • Mrs Summers from Lancashire - 0032651

Summer 2014 Fast Reply Draw Winners

Here are the lucky winners from our Fast Reply Draw:

  • Mrs Prendergast from London
  • Mrs Blumenfeld from Middlesex
  • Mr Denby from Yorkshire
  • Mrs Rigg from Cumbria
  • Mrs Edwards from Merseyside
  • Mr Walker from Yorkshire
  • Mrs Wilkie from Fife
  • Mrs Monzeglio from Hertfordshire
  • Mrs Clarke from London
  • Mrs Skeats from Essex
  • Ms Falshaw from Nottinghamshire
  • Mrs Young from Wiltshire
  • Mrs Bruce from Ayrshire
  • Mrs Evans from Cheshire
  • Mrs Britt from Bristol
  • Mr Aitken from Aberdeenshire
  • Mrs Paton from East Sussex
  • Mrs Tollan from West Lothian
  • Mrs Gough from Nottinghamshire
  • Mrs Cartmell from Cumbria
  • Mr Coddington from South Yorkshire
  • Ms Knocker from Bristol
  • Mrs Hellawell from Lancashire
  • Mr Hunter from Warwickshire
  • Mr Parent from Surrey
  • Mrs Scanlon from West Yorkshire
  • Mrs King from London
  • Miss Broderick from Yorkshire
  • Mrs Griffith from Gwynedd
  • Mr Wardleworth from Cheshire
  • Mrs Wood from Cheshire
  • Mrs Wilcox from South Glamorgan
  • Mrs Groffman from Essex
  • Mrs Thorpe from Norfolk
  • Miss Marchant from London
  • Mrs Garwood from Kent
  • Mrs Hartley from West Yorkshire
  • Mrs Gerrard from Staffordshire
  • Mrs Renwick from Cambridgeshire
  • Mrs Proctor from Manchester
  • Miss Sherman from East Sussex
  • Miss Bird from Nottinghamshire
  • Mr Glassup from Buckinghamshire
  • Mrs Ward from Nottinghamshire
  • Mrs Woodhall from West Midlands
  • Mrs Smith from Suffolk
  • Mrs Wilson from Dumfries
  • Mrs Penwell from Devon
  • Mrs Storey from Devon
  • Mr Wale from Leicestershire

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