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We’re worried about the high rates of children’s obesity.

More than one in five children in England are overweight when they start primary school. By the time they’re in the last year of primary school, this has risen to one in three.

There are many ways we can help children be more healthy. We’re campaigning against junk food TV adverts because evidence suggests children who see these, eat more unhealthy food. That’s why we’re asking the Government to remove junk food advertising before the 9pm watershed – to reduce children’s exposure by more than half.

Television channels in the UK already aren’t allowed to show unhealthy adverts around children’s programmes. We want this to be extended to include programmes that families watch together.

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What have we done so far?

On Tuesday 5 July we had a day of action in Parliament where nearly 100 of our Cancer Campaigns Ambassadors came to Westminster to meet with their MPs to try and convince them to restrict junk food ads. We also launched our Ad Brake report, which shows that despite current regulations junk food ads still influence children’s behaviours. 

Childhood Obesity Plan

In August the Government released the long-awaited Childhood Obesity Plan.

We're disappointed that the plan includes no measures to reduce children's exposure to junk food advertising.

While the inclusion of the 'sugar levy' in the plan and the commitments to increase physical activity are promising, we need much stronger action to protect children from junk food advertising if we want to make a difference.

We need you to take action

Help us put pressure on the Prime Minister to extend restrictions to junk food TV advertising before 9pm.

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Want to know more?

These questions may also answer what you’re looking for, but if not please email campaigning@cancer.org.uk.

How is ‘junk food’ / ‘unhealthy food’ defined?

The term ‘junk food’ is commonly used to refer to any food or drink that’s high in fat, sugar or salt. The Food Standard Agency have a Nutrient Profiling Model that’s used to define the most unhealthy foods based on their ingredients. One of the uses for this model is deciding what can and can’t be advertised during children’s programmes.

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Help us put pressure on the Prime Minister to tackle children's obesity.


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