Invite your MP to Party Conferences!

This autumn, decision makers from the main political parties will gather across the UK for their annual party conferences. These conferences bring together thousands of politicians to discuss, debate and decide on their party’s policy priorities. 

They’re an unmissable opportunity for us to make sure politicians understand the vital role research plays in beating cancer sooner. And they’re just around the corner.

We want to speak to MPs about the importance of maintaining the UK’s reputation as a world-class centre for scientific research, and to take them on a virtual tour of one of our research labs. 

We need you to tweet your MP today and ask them to visit our stand during their party’s conference this autumn.

Enter your postcode in the box below. This will generate a tweet for you to send to your MP. If we aren't tweeting your MP at this time, you'll be asked to email them instead!

Tweet your MP

We want to speak to MPs, MEPs, MSPs and local councillors at their annual party conferences. 

As well as tweeting them, email your representatives today and ask them to visit our stand.

If you have any questions please contact:


Tel: 07795 334929

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