Don't Quit On Us

A campaign to save Stop Smoking Services

This campaign is temporarily closed. Right now you can make sure cancer remains a political priority in the upcoming General Election.

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Stop Smoking Services are the most effective way to help the two-thirds of smokers who want to quit, quit. But right now, Government cuts mean that many services, including mass media campaigns are now closing down. 

We need your support to make sure the Government protects public health budgets and saves these vital Stop Smoking Services. 

Why take action in this campaign? 

Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of cancer.

Cancer Research UK’s successful campaigns on plain cigarette packaging, the smoking ban, plus other changes to the law have done a lot to help – but smoking rates are still too high.

We want the UK to be “smokefree” by 2035, but this won’t happen without your help. Take action by emailing your councillors today.