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Obesity is a big problem in Scotland. Scottish people are the 'heaviest' of any of the UK nations, with over a quarter of Scottish children and two-thirds of Scottish adults either overweight or obese.

There's recognition of how important this issue is, as research suggests that three in four Scottish adults think obesity is a big problem. Cancer Research UK's polling also suggests there's a clear appetite among the Scottish public to tackle the issue, with 75% of Scottish adults supporting fewer price promotions on junk food (Y for £X or multi-buy discounts) and 81% supporting less junk food at supermarket checkouts.

The good news is the Scottish Government is planning to do something about it. It has committed to producing a new obesity strategy for 2017, and has suggested it is ready to promote comprehensive measures to tackle obesity in Scotland.

The Scottish obesity strategy is likely to be in the first half of 2017 which means over the next few months there's a real opportunity to influence what's included in it.

The first of these opportunities is on the 6 December when the Health and Sport Committee will be meeting to hear evidence about how to tackle obesity.

We'll be watching what happens on the 6 December and will update in due course.

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We want the UK Government to restrict junk food TV advertising before 9pm. 

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