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The sun has got his hat on he’s coming out today... the sun has got his hat on, how will you stay safe today? Cancer Research UK and NIVEA Sun work together to encourage you to  enjoy the sun safely throughout the summer months.

Our campaign encourages families to protect themselves from sunburn, whether at home or abroad. There are three key ways to enjoy the sun safely when the sun is strong:

  • Spend time in the shade between 11-3
  • Cover up with a t-shirt, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses
  • Use at least SPF15 sunscreen, apply regularly and generously

Our partnership campaign includes adverts on the radio, websites and posters, plus teams handing out hats and sunscreen at events, parks and beaches on days when the sun is strong. We also have a handy UV app to help you work out when the sun is strong and what you need to do to protect youself.

Beating cancer sooner

In the first year of our partnership, Nivea Sun chose to help fund the work of Professor Irene Leigh, an expert in the biology and causes of non-melanoma skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the UK. Her work is uncovering how this cancer develops, sparking ideas for new ways to prevent and treat the disease.

Nivea Sun is also committed to helping us educate people on how to enjoy the sun safely by using a combination of shade, clothes and sunscreen in strong sun.

Partnership success

We are very proud to announce that our partnership won CSR Project of the Year at Charity Times Award 2013. We were also nominated for a Business Charity Award (Retail & Leisure category), and an MAA Best Creative award 2013. In 2014 our campaign was finalist for 'Best Public Health Campaign' at the Communique Awards.

We are thrilled to be working with Nivea Sun and will continue to work together to help people stay safe in the sun.

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