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Our research into personalised medicine

stratified medicinePersonalised medicine is about matching patients with the treatments that will work best for them. It could transform the lives of cancer patients in the UK. The ultimate aim is to treat every patient as an individual, but this vision is still some way off.

No two cancers are the same. This is because the molecular characteristics of a cancer vary from one patient to the next. So, even patients with the same type of cancer will respond differently to treatment – not just cancer drugs, but often radiotherapy and surgery too. The first step towards personalised medicine is to group together patients whose cancers have similar characteristics and to treat them accordingly.

Cancer Research UK is leading the way towards an era of personalised medicine. Our research spans many areas of cancer – from hunting for faulty genes and other molecular markers to guide treatment decisions, through to developing new targeted treatments, and using the latest imaging technologies to see how patients are responding to treatment.

We’ve already made many advances that have led to more tailored treatments. You can find out more about our progress and achievements in our personalised medicine briefsheet.

To bring the vision of personalised medicine a step closer to reality, we recently launched our pioneering Stratified Medicine Programme, with our partners. Read more on our blog about how this Programme could revolutionise cancer care in the UK.

Below are some of the highlights of our current research into personalised medicine.

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Researcher Tim Bishop profile image
Tim Bishop

Finding cancer genes
Section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, LIMM

University of Leeds

Researcher Jeffrey Evans profile image
Jeff Evans

Stopping pancreatic cancer from spreading
Institute of Cancer Sciences

University of Glasgow

Researcher Paddy Johnston profile image
Patrick Johnston

Understanding drug resistance in bowel cancer

Queen's University of Belfast

Default user avatar
Gareth Morgan

Improving treatment for multiple myeloma
Molecular HaematologyTeam

Institute of Cancer Research

James O'Connor profile image
James O'Connor

Taking a closer look at cancer
Imaging Sciences

University of Manchester

Researcher Andrew Pettitt profile image
Andrew Pettitt

Improving treatment for lymphoma
Department of Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine

University of Liverpool

Updated: 7 October 2010