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Our research into immunotherapy

Some of our researchers are working on a new type of cancer treatment called ‘immunotherapy’. This exciting approach aims to harness the specificity and power of the body’s immune system to target and destroy cancer cells.

Scientists in this field are working on a variety of ways to boost the immune system’s anti-tumour responses. These range from monoclonal antibodies to cancer vaccines that are being designed to treat a range of different cancer types. Some of these immunotherapies are being tested in early-phase clinical trials.

Other research teams are supporting these efforts by working to understand in greater detail how the body’s immune system fights infection. This knowledge will help to improve the design of new immunotherapies in the future.

You can find out more about immunotherapy in our Learn about cancer section, or visit MyProjects to donate directly to our immunotherapy research in London and Southampton.

Below are some highlights of our immunotherapy research portfolio.

Researcher listing

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Researcher Alison Banham profile image
Alison Banham

Antibodies to shut off the blood supply
Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

University of Oxford

Researcher Peter Johnson profile image
Peter Johnson

Developing new cancer treatments
School of Medicine

University of Southampton

Default user avatar
Alan Melcher

Using viruses to kill cancer cells
Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology

University of Leeds

Researcher John Neoptolemos profile image
John Neoptolemos

Better treatments for pancreatic cancer
Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit

University of Liverpool

Researcher Christian Ottensmeier profile image
Christian Ottensmeier

Cancer vaccines - harnessing the immune system to fight cancer
School of Medicine

University of Southampton

Default user avatar
Sergio Quezada

Harnessing the immune system to treat cancer
UCL Cancer Institute

University College London

LRI researcher Caetano Reis e Sousa profile image
Caetano Reis e Sousa

Harnessing our immune system

The Francis Crick Institute

Updated: 17 September 2009