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Our research into cancer spread (metastasis)

cancer spreadOne of the biggest challenges in successfully treating cancer is preventing it from spreading around the body, and keeping cancer that has already spread at bay. Most cancer deaths are caused when cancer cells travel to new sites within the body and grow as secondary tumours.

This process - called ‘metastasis’ - is extremely complex and highly challenging to study in the lab. However, Cancer Research UK scientists are using a variety of novel, exciting ways to explore cancer spread and probe the molecules involved.

This work is significantly improving researchers’ understanding of metastasis. And it’s revealing opportunities to develop new treatments designed to stop cancer in its tracks.

Below are some of the highlights of our metastasis research portfolio.

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Researcher Jeffrey Evans profile image
Jeff Evans

Stopping pancreatic cancer from spreading
Institute of Cancer Sciences

University of Glasgow

Researcher Margaret Frame profile image
Margaret Frame

How do cancer cells spread - and how can we stop them?
Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre

University of Edinburgh

Researcher Robert Insall profile image
Robert Insall

Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute

Researcher Anne Ridley profile image
Anne Ridley

Cancer cells on the move
Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics

King's College London

LRI researcher Erik Sahai profile image
Erik Sahai

Tracking cancer as it spreads

Default user avatar
Victoria Sanz-Moreno

Understanding how skin cancer spreads

King's College London

Researcher Ricky Sharma profile image
Ricky Sharma

Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology

University of Oxford

Updated: 17 September 2009