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Ali Tavassoli

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Cutting off the blood supply

University of Southampton
University Road
SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom

Web: Lab website

About Ali Tavassoli

Dr Ali Tavassoli and his team at the University of Southampton are searching for ways to stop tumours from growing a new blood supply and spreading to other parts of the body. Without a blood supply to provide oxygen and nutrients to cancer cells, tumours cannot grow beyond the size of a pinhead.

Dr Tavassoli is using powerful techniques to look for small molecules that stop two important proteins, known as HIF-1 or HIF-2, sticking to each other. When these HIF proteins interact they set off a chain of events that help tumours grow a blood supply. His group will use the small molecules they find to learn more about the role of the HIF proteins in cancer cells, and to act as a springboard for the development of future anti-cancer drugs.

This work could lead to better ways to stop tumours growing and spreading round the body in the future.

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