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Alexander Mirnezami

Researcher Alex Mirnezami profile image

Stopping bowel cancer from spreading

University of Southampton
Tremona Road
SO16 6YD
United Kingdom

Tel: 02380 777222
Web: Lab website

About Alexander Mirnezami

Dr Alexander Mirnezami and his team at the University of Southampton are investigating how bowel cancer spreads through the body. Once cancer has spread it is more difficult to treat, so finding out more about this process – and how to stop it – could save many lives.

Dr Mirnezami is particularly interested in tiny molecules called microRNAs, which help to switch genes on and off. Some microRNAs have been linked to cancer growth and spread. Dr Mirnezami is identifying which microRNAs are involved in bowel cancer, using tumour samples taken from patients at different time points as their cancer grows and spreads.

His goal is to find microRNAs that might help doctors decide which treatment is best for each bowel cancer patient. This research might also reveal new targets for the development of drugs to stop bowel cancer from spreading.

Other research projects by Alexander Mirnezami

Clinician Scientist Fellowship
Funding period: 01 February 2009 to 31 January 2014