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Sergio Quezada

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Harnessing the immune system to treat cancer

University College London
Paul O'Gorman Building
72 Huntley Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 02076790743
Web: Lab website

About Sergio Quezada

Dr Sergio Quezeda and his colleagues at University College London are studying why the body’s immune response, which fights ‘foreign invaders’ such as viruses and bacteria, often fails to recognise and kill dangerous cancer cells.

Dr Quezeda is focusing on a type of immune cell that helps drive an effective immune response, called a T helper cell. He wants to know how T helper cells are controlled as tumours grow and what stops them recognising cancer cells as dangerous. From this work, he hopes to discover how T helper cells might be harnessed to trigger an immune response against tumours.

Understanding more about how these key immune cells work might lead to new ways to boost the immune response to target and destroy cancer cells.

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