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Peter Sasieni research projects

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Queen Mary, University of London
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
Charterhouse Square
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7882 3550
Web: Lab website

Cancer Prevention: Cervical Screening & HPV Control

Funding period: 01 April 2009 to 31 March 2014
Funding scheme: Population Research Committee - Programme Award
Funding committee: Population Research Committee


Background and relevance

Cervical cancer remains a major cause of mortality globally. Despite the success of screening, there are still ~2750 cervical cancers annually in the UK: coverage is falling and the underlying risk of disease is increasing. HPV vaccination will have little impact for thirty years. HPV testing offers an interim solution both in the UK and in developing countries.


To study:

  1. Self-sampling to improve coverage and reduce costs of cervical screening
  2. HPV testing in primary screening
  3. Control of cervical cancer in developing countries
  4. Surveillance and modelling of cervical screening and HPV vaccination
  5. Strategies for enhancing HPV clearance


The clinical team will conduct trials of self-sampling and help evaluate new biomarkers via colposcopy. We will establish a mega-trial to rigorously evaluate HPV testing as the sole primary screening test. We will update our overview of HPV testing. We will analyse data from the Peruvian TATI trial and work with colleagues in Cervical Cancer Action to set up a study of mother-daughter screening-vaccination in a developing country. We will analyse the CRISP-1 trial of diindolylmethane in the prevention of cervical cancer and help to develop other protocols for cancer prevention.

Updated: 12 February 2013