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Victoria Sanz-Moreno

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Understanding how skin cancer spreads

King's College London
King's College London,
New Hunt's House, Guy's Campus
United Kingdom

Tel: 02078486077
Web: Lab website

About Victoria Sanz-Moreno

Dr Victoria Sanz-Moreno and her team at Kings College London are studying how tumour cells move through tissues to spread to other parts of the body.

Dr Sanz-Moreno is focusing on molecules called Rho GTPases, which control cell movement. Rho GTPases enable cancer cells to lengthen and move through tightly-packed tissues, or to round up and move rapidly through looser arrangements of cells. Dr Sanz-Moreno and her team are investigating how Rho GTPases control these types of movement in skin cancer cells and enable them to spread round the body.

Learning more about how Rho GTPases help cancer cells to move could lead to new therapies to stop the spread of skin cancer in the future.

Other research projects by Victoria Sanz-Moreno

Career Development Fellowship
Funding period: 01 January 2011 to 31 December 2016