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Chris Parker

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Looking for clues to prostate cancer

Institute of Cancer Research
Royal Marsden NHS Trust
Downs Road
United Kingdom

Web: Lab website

Dr Chris Parker is based at the Institute of Cancer Research. He’s running a clinical trial called RADICALS, aiming to find the best way to treat early stage prostate cancer.

At the moment, men with early stage prostate cancer usually have surgery to remove the tumour. But it’s not clear whether adding radiotherapy or hormone therapy after surgery can cut the chances of the cancer coming back.  The RADICALS trial is testing various combinations and timings of radiotherapy and hormone therapy, to find out the best way of treating men with the disease.

This trial could shape the way that men with early prostate cancer are treated in future, making sure they get the most effective treatment with fewest side effects.

The research of Dr Parker and his group involves evaluating markers for prostate cancer diagnosis, prognosis and radiation response. The goal is to find better ways of predicting prostate cancer outcome in order to inform key decisions in the clinic:

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