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Richard Bayliss

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Stopping cancer cells getting out of control

University of Leicester
Henry Wellcome Building
Lancaster Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 011 622 97100
Web: Lab website

Dr Richard Bayliss and his team at Leicester University are studying the way a cell splits into two new cells, through a process called cell division. Because cancer is caused by cells multiplying out of control, this work will help understand what goes wrong when cancer begins and develops.

Dr Bayliss is particularly interested in a group of molecules that are needed to separate one cell into two cells, which are often altered or faulty in cancer. His team are studying the exact shapes of these molecules and how they are controlled. They also work closely with other teams of scientists at the university to develop drugs to target these proteins, which could become cancer treatments of the future.

Many current cancer treatments - like as paclitaxel, which is used for ovarian cancer and breast cancer - block the process of cell division. Understanding more about how cell division works will help design more effective drugs in the future.

The Bayliss lab uses X-ray crystallography to resolve the position of every atom within the three-dimensional structures of proteins involved in the regulation of mitosis, the process by which DNA is segregated into daughter cells during cell division.

Other research projects by Richard Bayliss

Science Committee Programme
Funding period: 01 March 2012 to 28 February 2017