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Alan Melcher

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Using viruses to kill cancer cells

University of Leeds
Cancer Research UK Leeds Centre
St. James's University Hospital
Beckett Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 0113 2067275
Web: Lab website

About Alan Melcher

Professor Alan Melcher and his team at the University of Leeds are developing a new type of cancer therapy based on specially modified viruses. Instead of causing illness, these viruses can kill cancer cells and also trigger the body’s immune system to attack tumours. These viruses are currently being tested in early-stage clinical trials to treat advanced skin and bowel cancers.

Professor Melcher and his team are investigating how to improve the ability of these viruses to kill cancer cells. They are also working on ways of boosting the number of cells in a patient’s blood that can carry the virus to a tumour. Another line of his research is testing the use of cancer-killing viruses in combination with chemotherapy, to see if this approach is more effective at treating the disease.

Using the power of viruses and the immune system to fight cancer could lead to powerful new ways to tackle the disease in the future.

Other research projects by Alan Melcher

Science Committee Programme
Funding period: 01 September 2011 to 31 August 2016