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Jeff Evans

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Stopping pancreatic cancer from spreading

University of Glasgow
Beatson Laboratories
Garscube Estate
Switchback Road
G61 1BD
United Kingdom

Tel: 0141 301 7073
Web: Lab website

About Jeff Evans

Professor Jeff Evans is based at Cancer Research UK's Beatson Institute in Glasgow, where he is Professor of Translational Cancer Research. He is investigating drugs that could stop pancreatic cancer from spreading, a major problem in this disease.

Most cancer deaths are caused by the disease spreading, so finding drugs that can slow or halt this process is an important goal for cancer researchers. Professor Evans and his team are researching several new drugs that have the potential to tackle this problem in people with pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer cells contain certain overactive genes that give cells the ability to invade tissues or spread to other areas of the body. Professor Evans is researching a number of drugs that target these genes, stopping cancer cells from spreading.

The scientists are testing these drug by monitoring their effects on the movement of individual cancer cells. They are using different drug doses and timings to find how to control cancer spread. 

These drugs are also currently being tested in clinical trials in patients at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. Professor Evans' research is vital to learn more about drugs that combat cancer spread and improve treatments for pancreatic cancer.

Professor Evans and his team are also running a clinical trial called FACING, which is testing a combination of cancer drugs for patients with stomach or oesophageal cancer whose tumours carry a particular gene fault.