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How we deliver our research


In this section you can find out about the variety of ways in which we support research at Cancer Research UK.

Along with funding individual biomedical scientists, clinical researchers and research leaders, we also support research through our multiple centres of excellence in cancer across the UK, via our core institutes, and through our involvement in partnerships and networks both in the UK and internationally.

A substantial proportion of Cancer Research UK's scientific funding is provided to our five core research institutes, each of which specialises in different yet complementary areas of research.

More about our institutes

As one of our highest priority strategic initiatives, the Cancer Research UK centres of excellence in cancer aim to deliver world-class research, improved patient care and greater local engagement.

More about our centres

Cancer Research UK works in partnership with others to achieve the greatest impact in the global fight against cancer, through a wide exchange of information within the cancer research community.

More about working with others

Updated: 27 May 2010