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Track record

Five therapies on the market today were taken through exploratory phase clinical trials by the Drug Development Office. They are used to treat several forms of cancer, including glioblastoma, leukaemia, lung cancer and breast cancer, as well as helping to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Our success rate is comparable to industry. We aim to maintain this and continue to take on higher commercial risk projects that may otherwise not be developed.

Six new agents already on the market:

  • Zytiga (abiraterone acetate, CB7630)
  • Temodar (temozolomide)
  • Etopophos (etoposide phosphate)
  • Lentaron (formestane)
  • Lozoxantrone (biantrazole, DUP941/C1941)
  • Zinecard (dexrazoxane)


Updated: 26 May 2010