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Pharmaceutical industry partnerships

As a leading pharmaceutical company, your oncology pipeline can be maximised by working through our Clinical Development Partnerships initiative. We can bring new life to promising therapies that you have 'shelved' for economic or market reasons, and sponsor exploratory clinical trials at no initial cost to you.

Working on a shared risk-reward basis, Clinical Development Partnerships presents an exciting and unique opportunity to enhance potential return on previous investment.

Please contact Victoria John on or visit the Clinical Development Partnerships website.

Combinations Alliance

This is a joint initiative between the Drug Development Office and the ECMC Network. It aims to support industry collaborations to deliver investigator led early phase combination studies of novel agents, including combinations with radiotherapy.

Developed to increase the number of rationally designed combination therapies being tested within the UK, it enables academia to work with industry in a consistent and efficient framework.  The Alliance governs the process through a joint steering committee and can act as an independent broker between cross-company collaborations.

Please contact or visit the ECMC Combinations Alliance website.



Updated: 26 November 2013