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Applying for DDO Project funding

What we are looking for

  • Projects requiring preclinical development including safety toxicology, drug manufacture and formulation
  • Phase I 'first in man' studies focused on safety data, pharmacokinetics and modulation of target biomarkers
  • Early phase II 'proof of principle' studies focusing on the use of biological endpoints
  • 'Non critical path' studies on agents in active commercial development

Application process

Stage 1

Project Outline for the Drug Development Office. Applicants should email a brief project outline to Dr Ola Zaid in the Clinical Partnerships Team, for an informal discussion. The outline should include, if possible:

  • Project background and stage of development;
  • Nature of agent(s) (e.g. small molecule, antibody, cell or gene therapy) and any information on manufacture /production and physicochemical properties;
  • Target and rationale;
  • Any in vitro and in vivo data, including; mechanism of action, efficacy, toxicology, PK/PD and, if appropriate, combination data;
  • Summary of studies proposed (non-clinical, clinical);
  • Summary of IP if known.

The DDO provides advice on whether your DDO Project proposal is ready to be submitted to the NAC. Relevant issues include the novelty and strength of the scientific rationale, the completeness of the data package, and the nature of the proposed clinical trial.

Stage 2

Submission of formal application to the New Agents Committee and decision. Applications are scored by our independent peer review committee. You are invited to attend the NAC meeting to discuss the application and address questions.

For initial discussions, further information on Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements, and what is required for your Project Outline, please contact:
Ola Zaid
+44 (0)20 3469 6942

For more information on submitting New Agents applications and general enquiries, please contact the Research Funding Manager:
Kate Searle
+44 (0)20 3469 6929

Other clinical trials funding

In addition to funding new drug development and early-phase clinical trials managed by the Drug Development Office, the New Agents Committee also funds and endorses early trials sponsored and managed locally. Cancer Research UK also funds larger phase II and phase III clinical trials and sample collections through our Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC).

Preclinical combinations funding

The New Agents Committee also funds grants to support preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies of novel combinations of treatment: novel drug/drug or novel drug/radiotherapy.

Updated: 26 November 2013