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Update your profile

CRUK icon mag F&R update your profile When you receive Cancer Research UK funding, your research profile is added to our research directory.

Each profile will automatically include some of the information you gave us when you applied for funding, such as your name, host institution and address, email address (if you marked this information as 'publishable'), and the title and publishable abstract of the project.

We also aim to include additional information such as your profile picture, a summary of your work (for multiple grant holders), and a list of your recent publications.

In order to keep our directory up to date, and to ensure that our researchers' work is as widely disseminated as possible, we kindly ask our researchers (both current and recently funded) to follow the steps below.

Are your details correct?

If any personal details published on our research directory need updating, please log into eGMS (electronic Grants Management System) to make the necessary changes. This includes changes to:

  • Your name
  • Your primary host institution
  • Your publishable contact address
  • Your publishable email address
  • Your lab website

Your profile photograph

To add or update the photograph on your profile page, please send a high quality head and shoulders portrait image, in jpeg format to

Scientific summary of your work

For multiple grant holders, we aim to include a short summary of all of the research activity that Cancer Research UK funds in your group. This will appear as a 'Scientific summary' on your research profile.

This summary should:

  • Give an overview of all of the Cancer Research UK funded research being undertaken by you (and your group)
  • Be around 100 - 400 words in length
  • Be written in the third person
  • Be written for a scientific audience, to allow other researchers to gain an insight into your research

Please send your scientific summary to 

Your recent publications

If you need to make any changes or additions to the list of recent publications showing on your profile, please do this by logging into eGMS, go to 'My Profile' then 'View Cancer Research Attributable Publications' and edit accordingly.

To advise us of a new manuscript that has been submitted for publication, please see the Manuscript notification page.

Updated: 13 September 2011