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Notification of manuscript submission

All researchers who are funded by Cancer Research UK are asked to complete the online Manuscript submission form each time they submit a new manuscript for publication.

We ask you to notify us at the submission stage, rather than waiting until acceptance, to give the Press Office as much advance warning as possible (especially with the increasing trend for early online publication).

All information provided through this form will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be used without consulting you first.

If you have any questions about completing the form, refer to the frequently asked questions below or email the Research Publications team on

If the work to be published may be relevant to the Drug Development Office and/or Cancer Research Technology, you must discuss this with them separately in advance of publication.


Where do I find the form?

You can access the Manuscript submission form online.


When should the form be filled in?

The Manuscript submission form should be completed every time a manuscript that has resulted from Cancer Research UK funding, is submitted for publication.


My salary is paid by Cancer Research UK - do you require details of publications largely funded by other sources?


Who is responsible for completing the form?

Normally the senior author of a paper is responsible for ensuring the form is completed. In a collaborative work where the senior author is not funded by Cancer Research UK, then a Cancer Research UK-funded author should submit the form.


Can I use a third party (e.g. a PA or administrator) to complete the form on my behalf?

Yes. Although please ensure you provide that person with all the information they require to complete the form accurately.


Do I need to tell you if details of a manuscript change during review, or if a paper is not accepted and is re-submitted to a different journal?

No. The information submitted originally should be sufficient for us to find the published article, even if significant changes have been made.


Who will have access to my manuscripts prior to publication?

The submitted manuscripts will be made available to a small group of people within Cancer Research UK, including a member of Cancer Research Technology (our technology transfer company) and the Press Office. If appropriate, you will be contacted regarding intellectual property issues and/or potential media interest. Your work will be kept strictly confidential until it is published.


Should I send you details of recently published papers?

Any papers that have already been published we should be able to find through resources available to us.


Should I provide a list of all papers on which we acknowledge support?

No. We are in the process of building a database of all published work funded by Cancer Research UK. For this project we require specific information on each publication. We will be contacting you shortly, with a list of your publications, which you will be asked to validate.


Is it possible to receive the form as a Word document?

The form is designed to only be completed online. If you experience technical difficulties please email the Research Publications team on and he will attempt to remedy the problem or provide you with alternative means of supplying the information.


What is a grant application reference number and must it be filled in?

Each grant is allocated a reference number (e.g. C1234/A5678). If you are aware of the number(s) of the grant(s) that provided the funding for a particular publication please enter the details in the box provided.

Leave this field blank if you do not know this number or do not receive Cancer Research UK funding in the form of a grant.

Updated: 16 July 2010