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When do the changes to Grant Award Letters come into effect and does this affect only new awards or are current grants (i.e. renewals) included?

Our current Grant conditions became effective for all awards on 1 July 2013. For existing awards, an award letter in the new format will be issued when your current Grant Award Letter expires. 


For new grant applications what information is required in relation to salaries?

The salary information required is:

  • Salary grade, scale and point
  • FTE
  • Basic starting salary
  • The amount and date of incremental rises that occur within the first year of the award

Please note that some committees may still continue to ask for full details on costings in order to capture any profiling that may be necessary within the award. This would include requests for posts that are only required after the first year of the grant. Please continue to submit application forms as per the individual committee's requirements.


On what basis will oncosts be calculated?

Oncost calculations will include the employer's National Insurance Contribution and the employer's pension contribution, which will be no higher than the rate used by the University Superannuation Scheme (USS) or the NHS pension scheme. No Cancer Research UK funding should be used to fund deficits within a pension scheme.


Will pay awards be factored into Cancer Research UK calculations? What will happen if these awards are announced after submission of an application?

If a pay award is confirmed then Cancer Research UK will include this in the calculations of the first year of the grant. If a pay award has not been confirmed then Cancer Research UK will use the most accurate information available at the time.


Will Cancer Research UK add on salary increments which become due over the period of an award?

No. All salary increments must be met from the standard indexation increase.


How will the indexation rate be determined?

Once Cancer Research UK has established the level of award for the first year, a fixed indexation rate, set by Cancer Research UK, will be applied to all subsequent years of the award for salaries and running expenses. 


Are Financial Reconciliation Forms (FRFs) still required?

All Instalments are now subject to the interim and final reconciliation process outlined in the Grant conditions. Reconciliations are to be submitted via eGMS, Cancer Research UK's electronic grants management system. Details of how to do this can be found in the eGMS Administrator Training Manual (PDF, 2.2MB).  


When are reconciliations due?

Grants will only need to be reconciled at the end of every three years, and/or at the end of the grant. For example, a five-year grant would be reconciled at the end of year three (every third year) and at the end of year five (final year) while a two-year grant would be reconciled at the end of year two (final year) only. Reconciliations are due within three months of the end of the relevant instalment/year.



Does the open virement of funds apply to grants that started before the 1st April 2009?

Yes. However, for grant instalments that started before the 1st April 2009 funds can be vired between salaries and running expenses but unspent funds may not be retained at the reconciliation of that instalment. All unspent funds must be returned to Cancer Research UK unless prior approval has been given.


What can be vired?

Please see the Grant conditions (section 6.4) for full details about Cancer Research UK's virement policy. Please note, any virement must be declared at financial reconciliation.


Will reconciliation supplements continue to be issued?

Cancer Research UK will not meet the costs of any overspend on the allocated funding unless prior written authorisation has been given. The only exceptions to this will be in regards to fellow salaries, student stipends and student fees where it is specifically stated that supplements will be provided when necessary.


What needs to be done before payments on a new grant can commence?

Prior to commencing payment, the ‘Accept Award’ task must be completed by both the Lead Applicant and the Host Institution in eGMS. Once these are completed, the ‘Activate Award’ task will be available for the Lead Applicant to complete in eGMS. Once submitted, the grant becomes active and the payments are made quarterly in arrears.


When should equipment awards be claimed?

Specific equipment awards should be claimed by creating and completing a ‘Submit Equipment Claim’ task. Details of how to do this can be found in the eGMS Administrator Training Manual (PDF, 2.2MB). Equipment claims should be submitted once items are purchased so that proof of purchase can be uploaded to eGMS. The deadline for claiming equipment awards is 12 months from the start of the instalment in which the specific equipment allowance was awarded.

Please see Grant conditions (Section 6.6) for full details regarding Cancer Research UK's equipment policy.

Updated: 4 November 2011