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Join thousands of other's bravely taking on the challenge of kicking the coffee.

All you need is a couple of minutes to fill in your details and buckets of willpower.

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What do you need to do?

Feel the benefits of giving up coffee and see the money you save go to a good cause.

Every time you resist, you donate what you would usually spend.

How to fundraise

In case you need a bit of inspiration to kick off, we’ve put together this handy list of fundraising ideas to inspire you. Use them or get creative and go for your own ideas – either way you’ll be helping us beat cancer sooner:

  • Encourage your mates to sign up and back up your efforts with their own month of abstention! Agreeing some forfeits in advance for the lowest fundraisers could spice things up.
  • What’s your company prepared to donate to their new happier, freer employee? See if they’ll match the funds that you raise or make a donation 
  • Film a video or vine of yourself to show how you’ve replaced the new hole in your life, and share on your social networks

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