Professor Nic Jones

Untangling faulty signalling networks

Professor Nic Jones is Director of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, a unique partnership between Cancer Research UK, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Manchester, and Director of the Cancer Research UK Manchester Centre. He also leads a research team at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute

Professor Jones’ team are investigating networks of molecules in cells that can help drive cancer development and growth. The group are focussing on one particular network that reacts to many different signals - like growth factors - and controls key processes in cells, such as when to divide and when to self-destruct.

It is hoped that understanding more about the role of this network, and how it can go wrong in cancer, will help us find new ways to treat and prevent the disease.

In January 2016, Professor Jones stepped down from the position of Cancer Research UK Chief Scientist after five years in the role. During this time, he helped shape the life-saving research we fund and how it is translated it into new treatments for patients.

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