E-activist test page

E-activist test page

We will Cross Cancer Out

Cancer matters to all of us. At election time we have a choice. We choose to cross cancer out.

Every day we’re making real progress in the fight against cancer - survival rates have doubled in the last 40 years. With political action to improve early diagnosis [LA1] and access to treatments[LA2] , we will accelerate this progress.

So ahead of the General Election in May, let’s all join the fight to beat cancer sooner. 

How can you help?

Take 2 minutes to help us convince your election candidates it’s time to cross cancer out.

Fill in your details on the form below. On the next page you'll have the chance to personalise your emails to candidates explaining why you want to cross cancer out.

Become part of the movement to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. Hear about our latest breakthroughs, campaigns and how you can help support our life saving work.

Your details are safe with us.  We will never share them with anyone else. Check out our T&Cs and Privacy Policy


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