Scale Down Cancer

Influence the Scottish obesity strategy

What do we want this campaign to achieve?

This summer the Scottish Government will publish a diet and obesity strategy to tackle obesity in Scotland. We want this strategy to be as comprehensive as possible and include restrictions on multi-buy discounts (such as 2 for £3) and promotions on food high in fat, sugar and salt.

Why? Obesity is the 2nd biggest preventable cause of cancer in the UK after smoking and is linked to 13 types of cancer.

Scotland’s obesity levels are the worst in the UK, costing the NHS an estimated £600 million a year.

Research shows that price promotions increase the amount of food and drink people buy by around 20%. Unhealthy foods are most commonly used in price promotions, so restricting the use of these promotions across shops in Scotland could help more people switch to healthier foods, reducing obesity. 

You can help prevent obesity in Scotland. Email your MSP for a comprehensive strategy today.

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