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SunSmart school policy guidelines

The NICE guidelines for skin cancer prevention recommend that Head Teachers should take action to protect children from over-exposure to UV rays. The guidelines recommend that schools “develop, implement and monitor a specially tailored policy to ensure people are protected as much as possible”.

Our guidelines can help you to create a Sun Protection Policy tailored to the needs of your school:

Download pre-schools and Nursery guidelines

Download primary school guidelines

Download secondary school guidelines

Primary school teaching resources

Download SunSmart assembly plan 

Designed by teachers to help you run a SunSmart assembly

Download 2 detailed SunSmart lesson plans 

Designed by teachers to meet Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum requirements

Secondary school resources

The Teenage Cancer Trust have developed a teaching pack to help create interesting and engaging lessons around the topic of sun safety. 

Download your copy on the Shunburn site

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