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If you’re interested in the Roadshow visiting your area, workplace or event, please get in touch and we can discuss the possibility of arranging a visit.

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Our Roadshow is based mainly in four areas but we also travel to other parts of the UK.

We have three convertible transit vans in North East England, North West England London that visit outdoor locations such as high streets and supermarket car parks. We can set up in indoor locations too, particularly during the winter months when it gets a bit chilly.

We also have an indoor Roadshow in Scotland that mainly visits workplaces, such as construction sites and factories.

All our teams visit big events throughout the year, such as the 50+ Show, agricultural fairs and community events.

Check out our map to see where we are going to be in 2016!

We update our map weekly so please do check back for new locations. Opening times do vary, but generally you can visit anytime between 10am and 4pm, Tuesday to Thursday.


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