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The Facilitator programme supports healthcare professionals and organisations to improve prevention and early diagnosis. We offer practical support to help you change the way you manage cancer.

We help the NHS to:

  • Support cancer prevention and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Increase informed uptake of screening programmes
  • Improve recognition and referral of symptomatic cancers
  • Improve diagnostic access and capacity 

Our Facilitators work as a long term partner to your organisation, providing face-to-face support tailored to the needs of your organisation and local area.

Our support is free of charge. Our offer includes:

  • Helping you to understand your local cancer data and how you the care you provide compares to other areas
  • Introducing a variety of early diagnosis tools and resources
  • Providing training for clinical and non-clinical staff on key topics such as screening programmes and referral guidelines
  • Helping you to carry out local audits of the care provided to people with cancer
  • Helping you to find solutions to issues within your organisation and area, by facilitating local action planning
  • Sharing best practice and innovative solutions trialled by other areas
  • Facilitating communication between primary and secondary care
  • Influencing and enhancing strategic planning of health services
''My surgery serves a diverse population so I see a lot of patients from minority ethnic backgrounds.  It’s challenging enough talking to patients about potential cancer symptoms but it’s even tougher when culturally, certain symptoms are not talked about or there are language barriers. A Facilitator visited our practice and ran a session on earlier diagnosis, which I found really helpful as it was a forum where we could really focus on cancer'' – GP in London

We support healthcare professionals and organisations across England, Scotland and Wales including:

  • Primary care (including general practices, pharmacies and dentists)
  • Public Health
  • Screening Hubs
  • Community care
  • Diagnostics providers and secondary care
  • NHS commissioners and planners of care (for example, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health Boards)

Our regional teams of Facilitators work across England, Scotland and Wales, and will soon arrive in Northern Ireland.


The programme has continued to grow since its launch in 2012. We now have Facilitators in most regions of the UK.

Late 2012: 3 CCGs in London; 9 CCGs in Cheshire and Merseyside

March 2014: 4 additional CCGs in London; 12 CCGs in Thames Valley; Greater Glasgow and Clyde

July 2015: 14 CCGs in Northern England; 20 CCGs in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria

September 2015: 12 additional CCGs in London; 11 CCGs in South West; West Midlands; North Wales

November 2015: Yorkshire and Humber; East of England; South East

July 2016: Remainder of England and urban areas of Scotland

April 2017: Urban areas in Wales and Northern Ireland

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