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We have Facilitators working with healthcare organisations all across the UK, including providing support to over 6000 GP practices.

''We have been working with the Facilitator to ensure that awareness and early diagnosis is included as a priority in our strategic plans. I don’t think we would have been as effective in doing that without the support of the Facilitator. We’ve also adopted some of the Facilitator's objectives in our strategic plans'' – CCG Representative.

Our support is free of charge. Talk to us about how we can help you improve cancer outcomes in your area.

Our regional teams of Facilitators work across England, Scotland and Wales, and will soon arrive in Northern Ireland.


North West Coast and North West Wales

Louise Roberts: Louise.Roberts@cancer.org.uk or 07787 000029


East Midlands

Tracy Mann: Tracy.Mann@cancer.org.uk or 07872 983523


East of England

Louise Browning: Louise.Browning@cancer.org.uk or 07799 796909


Greater Manchester

Nicola Harrison: Nicola.Harrison@cancer.org.uk or 07957 719415


North and East Scotland

Mark Brown: Mark.Brown@cancer.org.uk or 07827 986437


North, Central and East London

Gali Segal gali.segal@cancer.org.uk 07918 747992


Northern region

Fiona McQuiston: Fiona.McQuiston@cancer.org.uk or 07768 615979


South East and Wessex

Helen Wolstenholme: Helen.Wolstenholme@cancer.org.uk or 07979 936962


South and North West London

Deborah Haworth: Deborah.Haworth@cancer.org.uk or 07900 738456


South West

Georgia Diebel: Georgia.Diebel@cancer.org.uk or 07900 738458


Thames Valley

Bridget England: Bridget.England@cancer.org.uk or 07500 881933


West Midlands

Kalpna Mistry: Kalpna.Mistry@cancer.org.uk or 07900 738428


West Scotland



Yorkshire & Humber

Rachel Ball: Rachel.Ball@cancer.org.uk or 07789 174906

Contact us to find out how we can work together.

Call us on 0203 469 8426 or email us at facilitators@cancer.org.uk

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