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Are there any Be Clear on Cancer campaigns currently running in England?

A national oesophago-gastric campaign launched on 26 January and ran until 22 February 2015. The decision to run this campaign is based on evaluation results from a regional pilot which ran in the Northern England Strategic Clinical Network region from February to March 2014.

Download evaluation results

More on the national oesophago-gastric cancers campaign

Are there any pilot campaigns for symptoms of cancer currently running in England?

There are currently no other Be Clear on Cancer pilots running or scheduled. However, Public Health England is running a campaign in the East of England to raise awareness of breathlessness as a symptom of conditions such as COPD, lung cancer and heart disease – and to encourage people who get out of breath doing everyday activities to go to their GP. The campaign will run from 2 February to 1 March 2015.

Download briefing sheet for GPs

Download briefing sheet for pharmacy teams

Download briefing sheet for NHS trusts

When is the next Be Clear on Cancer campaign happening?

The national oesophago-gastric cancer campaign ran until the 22 February 2015. At the moment, no other Be Clear on Cancer campaigns for 2015/16 have been confirmed. As more information becomes available, we will update this website.


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