Research features

Our Research Features explore in more depth how we are implementing our Research Strategy, and the opportunities available to you as a researcher.

Using patient data in research to improve cancer treatments and increase patient survival

Patient data are vital for researchers seeking to improve cancer diagnosis, treatments, and care.

Funding more clinical academics than ever before

We are continuing to build on our commitment to provide the right support for clinical academics working in cancer research.

Catching cancer earlier: a new frontier for early detection research

We are investing in early detection and diagnosis research: building capacity, forging partnerships, and supporting an early detection research community.

Dave Sims: A family uniting against cancer

Mark Sims was 15 when he was first diagnosed with melanoma in 2003. Here, his brother Dave shares Mark's story of how he got involved in the PEACE study.

Hacking into normality: Gerard Evan

An interview with Gerard Evan on a new way of viewing pancreatic and lung cancer and the implications for understanding the disease, and how to treat it.