Research features

Our Research Features explore in more depth how we are implementing our Research Strategy, and the opportunities available to you as a researcher.

New funding to unite transatlantic forces for the early detection of cancer

We're launching new research funding grants to encourage new collaborations between researchers in the UK and US in the priority field of cancer early detection

BT1718: first-in-class therapy for solid tumours

Our Centre for Drug Development, working in partnerships with Bicycle Therapeutics, is trialing a first-in-class drug in patients with advanced solid tumours.

Accelerated UK work visa route for early- and mid-career researchers

We're making it easier for exceptionally talented scientists and promising new researchers from outside the UK to join our research community.

Temozolomide: the brain tumour superstar

In this article Professor Malcolm Stevens reflects on the work that led to his team’s discovery of temozolomide.

Rucaparib: targeting DNA repair and a patient's perspective

Our scientists have been at the forefront of PARP inhibitor research and development. Here we share the story of rucaparib.