Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence funding call

About this scheme

Key information

Career level
Established independent researcher
Research area
All research areas
Final submission
Committee review
Funding period
Up to 4 years
Funding amount
Up to £3 million

We're inviting applications from institutions interested in establishing the CRUK Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence.

The Centre of Excellence will support innovative research along the research pipeline, aiming to improve survival for children and/or adults with brain tumors.

We are open to proposals for either a single-location Centre of Excellence, or an existing or newly created network of collaborating locations.

The lead location must be a UK university, medical school or research institute. Collaborating locations may be outside the UK.

All locations must demonstrate active programmes in brain tumour research.

The award may be used to support:

  • Recruitment
  • Equipment
  • Networking and engagement
  • Salaries for support and technical staff
  • PhD students, including clinical fellows (stipend, fees and running expenses)

How to apply to this scheme

Application process

The application process has a single stage.

You must contact the Research Funding Manager to open an application.

We will open an application form which you will need to submit through our online grants management system.

Full details of what you need to provide in your application are set out in the application guidelines (PDF).

Before you begin your application

Our committee will examine whether you:

  • Show how funding will be used to support activity that would not be possible through existing funding mechanisms

  • Can bring together people from different parts of the translational pipeline

  • Demonstrate a focus on recruitment and training to boost the brain research community in the UK

  • Show a commitment to generating research tools / platforms / resources that will support translational research and will be made available to the wider community.

  • Demonstrate how the Centre’s vision will leverage existing strengths of each participating institution

  • Provide evidence of commitment from each participating institution

  • Show how the centre will provide leadership to the UK and international brain tumour research community through a programme of networking and engagement

Funding decisions will be made by our Scientific Executive Board.

Cancer Research UK contact details

Dr Safia Danovi

Senior Research Funding Manager

020 3469 8399

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